No Poo method

Ah gosh! Im so happy to be back! LOL Its been almost a year…. haha…Im so interested talking about this one..

Okae, its been a long time thinking bout this.. Im pretty sure Im not doing this wrong.. I read a lot of blogs that talk a lot bout the No-Poo Method. Im sooooo interested in it since I first listened to this HEADLINE..

I just started it I hope Im not too late to start 🙂 Its been the 3rd days.. Okay I’ll tell you bout me since the first till this day..

1st day,

Stressed out and hoping i would do it rite…I read a lot that people rinse their hair with a baking soda solution and then condition their hair with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) , but I wanna try something new..hehe..

The first day, I got 2 times rinsing my hair completely ONLY with water… I didnt use any product.. Scared enough to start 😀 but then the first day went on smoothly, although my hair feels a lil bit sticky.. only on the roots..

2nd day,

I washed out my hair again 2 times daily, just plainly with water… and still sticky lol… the second time i washed my hair, I rinsed it with green tea… I made a cup of green tea then poured it into the spray bottle.

First I rinsed with flowing water, to help straightening the hair. Then I sprayed it into my hair, especially to the oily scalp. I massaged a little, and then rinsed it again. I did this rinsing-spritzing for about 3 times. Next thing I did was rinsing it again and dry it with towel. Just pat it dry..not using a hair dryer.

Gosh, I felt that my hair bouncier..  ehmm at least it tended not to be as oily as the first and the daytime of the second day.. I combed it with a looser comb, so it touched more gently to the hair and wouldn’t scratch the scalp. I didnt feel I need to rub my scalp after it. 🙂 COOL and I feel my hair are lighter and not heavy.

third day,

Still using the green tea. This day I was using it twice. In the morning and at night. It made my hair lighter and my hair now is easier to comb. Not like in the first or the second day. SO its better, Im gonna do it again tomorrow, until my hair oil back to normal (not too greasy) and until its easier to comb. Will it take about a week? I probably dont know. But Im gonna try this. And I’ll update this after a week 🙂 I hope Im doing it right. And hoping that I also could do something to make the world greener

lol XXX Love,



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