How to install Skype in Linux Ubuntu 10.10

I installed Skype for Ubuntu 10.10 today.. and I found some trouble in installing Skype in Ubuntu 10.10, but finally I succeeded in installing it. So here is how to install this :

I. First Method

1. Applications > Ubuntu Software Centre

2. Edit > Software Sources (Here you may be asked for authentication)

3. Select “Other Software” and check/tick the Ubuntu Marverick Partner & Ubuntu Marverick Partner (Source Code)

4. If they do not appear, click Add

5. Copy this to the APT line:

deb maverick partner

deb-src maverick partner

6. Add Source

7. Go to your Ubuntu Software Centre and search for “Skype”

8. You will see Skype / VOIP and instant messaging client

9. Install 🙂

10. Run application 🙂 Applications > Internet > Skype

II. Second Method

Using Terminal

1. Open Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T)

2. Type this:

$ sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

3. The text editor will open up and copy this:

deb maverick partner

deb-src maverick partner

4. and Type this on terminal:

$ sudo apt-get update

5. and this:

$ sudo apt-get install skype

6. Voila~~ Run the Application then 🙂

III. Troubleshooting

If you cannot find number 8 (as what I experienced before)

1. Go to this link:

2. Download Skype 2.1 Beta 2 for Linux

3. Open your home folder>download

4. Now open your debian files using Ubuntu Software Centre

5. Then Install

6. Voila~~ 🙂

7. Run Application 🙂

**** the third one is when both the first and the second method cannot be applied, but I think it is also easier using the third one 🙂 Good luck~~

By: Song Mei Hua


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