Using Ubuntu 10.10 in Korean version – Preview

I am using Ubuntu in Korean and English depending on the situation.. If I want to write a lot in Korean then I’ll use Ubuntu for Korea that all the systems are fully in Korean. And If I want to work and do homework and such I will use Ubuntu in English (mostly used: English USA)


When I first installed this Ubuntu the main system language was set in English USA and I use the Korean keyboard to type. But it seemed it didn’t work well.. so, I use the system in Korean. When I logged in there is a box showing an alert that I should change some folders number in Korean, but I pretend not to change them.


The next thing I check is that my ‘System Monitor’ seems to work harder than ever! I don’t do much things.. I have ‘docky’, ‘alarms’ and changing fonts, fonts colour, and dekstop appearance.. So, what’s wrong with the System Monitor? The Processor is more than 50% in use, while I am not using anything.. I just start the computer.. Do you think it because I pretend the change I should make in renaming the folders fully in Korean? Or because Ubuntu needs bigger space for some Asian characters? I am using a DDR3 2GB RAM iCore-5 500GB HDD.. I think it’s not because of lack of memory or something..

What do you think? Thank you.



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