Importing and Exporting Video using Openshot

Editing video is a fun thing to do! There are some software that are pretty well-known such as Windows Movie Maker, Picassa Video Editor, and the massive giant of video editing master , Adobe Premiere! But in Ubuntu we also have a video editing program, Openshot.

Openshot works a little bit differently from Adobe Premiere, especially in importing and exporting the video, so I will tell you how to adapt your Adobe Premiere’s style in Openshot.

What to do:

  1. Open your Openshot from Program(프로그램) > Music and Video (음악과 비디오) > OpenShot Video Editorthe main display of openshot

2. Import the files using the “ + “ icon, or you can also drag the files directly from the folder.

3. Drag the imported files to the track (트랙)

4. After finishing it you can save it (.osp files) or export it (by clicking the red button).

5. When you export the video, you may choose the profile, quality, sound and video. Here if you want to export to the .avi files you choose the video codec (비디오 코덱) > dvvideo. “dvvideo” is the same as “Generic DV” in Adobe Premiere.

6. You may also want to adjust the quality, from high to poor quality. If you are not going to have the audio in your video, you just click “none”, if you want to export the audio you can adjust the sample rate (샘플 레이트) into 48000 (the same as “Standard 48kHz” in Adobe Premiere.

7. You may also want to adjust the aspect ratio, fps, pixel ratio, etc in the “Profile”

8. Happy Editing with OpenShot!

P S Should have any questions, additions, notes and helpful advices and suggestions, please leave your comments. 🙂 thank you for reading.

~Song Mei Hua~


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