[SOLUTION TO: ] I cant download videos using temp files NOW!! – Ubuntu 10.10

Q: WAAAAA…help me!!! I cannot even download videos by using the temp files… What should I do?

A: No probs… Here it is 😀

First, the newest Adobe Flash Player Plug-in that can be easily installed in Ubuntu 10.10 cannot enable you to access the files that you are surfing / streaming. You can uninstall it and use the previous Adobe Flash Player debian packages. Please read https://songsharen.wordpress.com/2011/01/23/how-to-install-adobe-flash-player-in-ubuntu-10-10/ for installation steps

Second, you don’t have to change your Adobe Flash Player though.. ^^ It is also saved in the cache memory in the computer, so don’t worry..

You can find it in

Home Folder (ctrl + H to open the hidden folders) / .mozilla / firefox / folder’s name (mine is 9paibzco.default, each computer is different) / Cache / Video

Found it?? ^^ Yeeppp.. it is a little bit confusing because you open, open, and open again..

Good luck!!! ^^


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