How to Download Videos using Minitube (Ubuntu 11.10)

Hello, have you felt it’s a lil bit frustrating yet confusing using the .cache to download .flv videos from Youtube or any videos broadcasting website?
Well, now it’s a lot easier using Minitube, what you need to do is to install Minitube from Ubuntu Software Center or using terminal.

sudo apt-get install minitube

Minitube is a video downloader, almost like Youtube downloadet but it is FREE! Okay, here is my review on Minitube..
It’s free, easy to use (user-friendly) and you can also search your favourite videos in the colomn “search” or you may also want to copy paste the URL links to the box URL box, then click the downward arrow to start downloading.

Here are the example:



Then choose your destination folder, (default: My Videos) and start downloading. While downloading you can also watch the video and choose the resolution 360px or 720 px..
Happy watching, happy downloading and happy learning new things! 😉
Well, liberation for knowledge!!

Sharen 🙂


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