Recap of 2011 and my wishlist in 2012

It’s been a year! Haha.. Actually everytime I wrote a note I’d love to share greatness of the past year and what I am hoping to do in this current year. I didn’t mean to boast myself or thought am the absolutely not. Am just sharing this note to say that how great is my God and how that I am nothing without these great people, my families and my friends. I cannot be like I am today if I don’t know Him.. He is helping me in every step I take 🙂 ang my friends are my angels and guardians haha..

So here is the recap of 2011, what I had to do in 2011, and see if I passed all the resolutions haha..

1. Playing piano and violin again.. Okey.. I dont even touch them.. Violin? I even didn’t buy and I guess I just played a few notes of classics 3-4 times.. In a year..haha so maybe every three months I played piano just once.. The conclusion? Failed!

2. Going to Korea in summer 2011? My friend came to Indonesia and stayed here ever since. Failed again. I just don’t have the chance plus, I had better stayed at home with my grannies learning to cook! Haha..

3. Buy an iphone/pod/pad.. Got a galaxy tab though..haha.. I considered *passed*!!!

4. Learning Ubuntu and Xubuntu better and learn Java..haha.. Dont have enough time to study Java.. Lol… But I had a great time learning Ubuntu, formatting, upgrading to a newer version with lil knowledge I have haha… Plus we are having a great time hosting a One Day of Ubuntu Introduction with Ubuntu Study Group members, welcoming new members, and also hosting an Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party with them too!! Great! Plus designing the event promo had added my skills as an advertising design college student 🙂 I sincerely thanked Ivan Andhika, Andhika Satya, Zorin Wiseputra, Priska, Yosef and all the USG ITHB members who had given me chances to understand what this kinds of Ubuntu things are.. Plus speaker of the Ubuntu Release Party, Sakra Aprilia, Andika Triwidada, and Diki Andeas. Okay.. I considered PASSED!

This year has been a fun year understanding and learning new things of Ubuntu and such. Plus this year gonna be my last year of studying and will hopefully graduate in June 2012, so last year befriending with them was absolutely awesome :))

5. Learning Greek.. I was supposed to learn Greek with my friend Zorin but well haha.. Plan is just a plan.. Lol.. We didnt study together as well.. But since I got this Android tab, I downloaded some Greek dictionaries and Greek newspaper, and Bible!!! So I learnt a lot though, I hope my friend also learnt Greek well..

6. Learning to cook!! Kyaaa!!! Thanks to my friend’s mom Mrs. Yoo EunJi who had helped me learning how to cook Korean recipe and, also Mrs. Izukawa who helped me cook Japanese food, am hoping she is getting well after the shocking nuclear catastrophe in Japan last year.. Also thanks to my grannies, Yan Lin and Anastacia, grandmas, you both are great cooks! I learn how to make “ba cang”, ginger chicken, etc.. for the Dragon boat festival! Also Chinese traditional cooking! And to my aunt little Qing Qing, who taught me how to make donut, dumplings, noodles and pasta! I now even had a pasta maker at home haha… Cooking skills *** got three stars!

7. Working and studying harder.. Yea.. I will never ever be like I am now if I didn’t pray to God.. One night I prayed that I just hoped I could get another job, whatever it was. I needed more money to pay for college things at that time… On that month, I just got 7 or 8 students and not enough to pay the whole college tuition fee. The second I said ‘Amen’, there was a message from Ivan and telling that if I might be willing to work at his internship company. I said.. “Yes, I’ll go for it” and I have been working there ever since. And guess what? The money given was equal to the money I needed to pay for the tuition fee! Thanks God!!! 🙂 thanks Ivan for being one of the secret angel given from Heaven 🙂

Next, is Zorin. Zorin! Without you, I also didn’t know what to do! The first payment Mr.John gave me was a relieve for me and Yohanes my brother. He needed it to pay for personal things and me too! I also used this money for some eye treatments! At least my eyes have been recovering a lot!

8. Having more students..actually, I dont have more students lol.. But I knew that they have been passing all things well… I am so thankful for Samuel, Chelsea, and Silas who graduated and went to their fave high school, also Francisca who graduated and being accepted in a normal billingual school although she is autistic.. She even ranked 8th out of 200 🙂 and also my cute student, Deborah who is always being number one.. Love you, I hope you guys will be a lot better this year..

9. MakeUp and hairstyling.. Graduated!!! Yay!!! Hahaha… Am a professional MUA now.. Not sure though, but at least it was what was written in the certificate hahaha…
A special thanks to Andhika! It’s great having a friend who also loves photography, practising indoor photography and setting light for my make-up plus hair styling test 🙂 Thanks to Andhika’s sisters as the models, Andhini and Andhani, though I firstly met them in 2012. Plus, Thank you, I guess you are the one that trust me to design things used in Ubuntu Events, though we just met in 2011 and at that time you hadnt known me that better..but hey! Thanks for giving me that chance! Really glad to meet you! 🙂

10. Health! Thanks God that you have healed my grandma, Anastacia. Hoho, and we even had great Christmas together… Am so thankful that in this Christmas and New Year, I had a chance to be with my mixed families haha, Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, Indians, Catholics, Moslem, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist.. All in the same roofs.. Thanks God that my families are not from the same races and religions, I think that what has made me understand different cultures and how we could respect at each other 😉

In 2011, am so thankful to PT. eBdesk, Dewitech Web Development, Bimbel Lies Tjahjadi, Wan Lung Entertainment Wedding Organizer, GitaPrint Genera Publishing, Ananda Chinese Literature and traditional folk dancing team, and friends from makeup academy MUFE, Riyanti Ananda and Angelina from Plum Blossom Make Up Artistry :)) thanks for the chance working together!!!

WishLists in 2012..

1. Graduation!! I hope to graduate well!!! And had a business on our own with Rugun Siagian.

I really hope that we could make it happen Rugun! I wish that everything we have planned will gonna be big!! Having our own clothing line..
Hahaha..people think it is too impossible? We are gonna make it happen. Nothing is too crazy to do! If we believe we’ll gonna make it 🙂 everything always starts from a dream, without dream human is no other exception than survival things.. We are born to dream, and to achieve it.. To make it happen and to be belated with ourselves! 😉

2. Working while studying master degree in Fashion Design Esmod
My lecturer, Drs.Lucky H said to us on Thursday that, anyone graduated from ITHB DKV will not gonna encounter any difficulties striving to get their masters! I hope so! We had worked hard from the early semester till now!

3. Having my own home tutoring service a.k.a BimBel Prasasti with my sister Irene Subrata and her friend Penny Lane.
It’s not only to make money, but I do hope that I could give more to the students who cant afford paying for fee.. Make it free.. Knowledge is supposed to be free, isnt it? Free and you can get it anywhere.. 😉

4. Helping my dad paying for my sister tuition fee..
she will graduate from high school soon, and I wish I am the one that will support her financially, and not my dad.. I want my dad and my mom have their happy time happy life knowing that one of their children will have graduated and had money on her own.. From now on, I want to work to help my family especially my dad..

5. I will learn Chinese literature and tradional dance better.. I want to perform in the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival..

6. Being a make-up artist, photographer, fashion and catalogue designer of our own clothing line while my fren will be the architect, interior and fashion designer :)) plus plus..

7. I want to buy a DSLR camera haha… I hope I will have the money 🙂

I guess that is the seven most important things I want to do in my life in 2012.. I cannot think of any others but hoping the best for everything I have done… I just want to do everything better, being a better child, tutor, dancer, translator, designer… 🙂 am just hoping that new people I met in 2011 will be forever my friends too!

Without God, I am nothing, without family I am hopeless, without besties and encouraging friends, I am useless..
Thanks ALL!!!!!!!! :-* love you!!!


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