Femme Fatale Make-Up

Hello! Meeting me again, Sharen! I am now on my way back home and do not know what to do, so I started writing again.
This is my experiment I did yesterday for a Le Femme Show. I was using a red lipstick here, but because I experimented at night, I had to edit the photo. But here I will publish both of the original and retouched photos.

This is the result:


And this is the original one:


Haha okai the angle is different though but I thought this photo is the lightest of all -___-

In this experiments, I used a Babyliss Hair Straightener with tourmaline, and a Rudi Hadisuwarno hair spray, eyelash curler and a pair of bottom false lashes, and lots of hair pins 🙂


I like using under/bottom false lashes, because it is not too long, and is great for everyday use!

The make-up things I wore:
Kryolan Supra Color Teintschminke no. 1003, Etude Skin Fit Base spf 12, PAC black mascara, PAC Martha Tilaar White Eyeliner,The Body Shop Lipstick in Toupee Brown no.07, Wardah Red Lipstick in Orange Red, Etude Shimmering Powder, Oriflame Blush in Brown, Oriflame Visions Peach me perfect skin glow, SilkyGirl double intense eyeliner

How to do:

1.First, clean your face, and tone it with toner according to your skin type.
2.Apply base especially to the dry part of your skin (if you have combination skin like me)
3.Apply the red lipstick first, using a brush! Because red lipstick tends to be messy, who wants to start all over the make-up base only because of the red lipstick!? Lol.. It will save your time and zip the laziness of cleaning the red stain on the skin.
4.Apply the foundation (here I used a grease paint from Kryolan Germany)
5.If you need to highlight/shading, do this before applying powder.
6.Color your lids! 🙂 Here, I am using lipstick as the shadow. For me it is like a cremé shadow, that’s why I love it. I used a lipstick from The Body Shop.
7.Line your eyes thinly as you will emphasize the lips with the va va voom red lipstick! Don’t go too much and hard by emphasizing both. 😉
8.Curl your lashes, apply mascara, add the false lashes, and double coat the mascara for an Oh-So-Fab lashes! 🙂
9.Last, apply powder using brush. Focus also in the oily part.
10.Loose curl your hair, and pin the hair inside. Great for you having long hair and want to look short! Just curl and hide it inside. Secure it with hair pins!
11.Spray the hair and Voila!

Good luck trying, guys! Xoxo

Best hugs to you all beautiful girls and women,

Sharen Song


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