What’s on my make-up bag?

Hello everyone! Back with me, Sharen..hahaha it’s been sooo long since I last wrote things related to make-up, girls, and such šŸ™‚ Today I will tell you things inside my make-up bag! XD


This is Revlon Photo Ready! I wear this after applying base and foundation! I love the color, it really covers black spots even it’s a great compliment to foundation. I love wearing Kryolan Grease Paint as a foundation, but also love using Pixy Stick Foundation in Beige or Art Deco Liquid Foundie šŸ™‚ they all are great! And this Revlon really compliments all…wow! I rate 4 stars for this.. I bought it for about $15 here in Indonesia hehehe…

Now let’s move on to my base! I use Etude Skin Fit Base in green. The base texture is a lil greasy, but it is swept well on my face! Plus the green tone counter attacks my redness especially on my nose and cheeks… It doesn’t cover the redness of course, so I still apply foundation before it.



I rate 3 stars for this base! Someone gave me this base, so actually I didn’t buy it.. Sorry, don’t know the price..


La Tulipe Wonder Mascara Waterproof in black! Wait my review tomorrow! šŸ™‚ I will try it tomorrow ^^

Beautiful kisses and hugs,
Sharen Song


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