What’s in my make-up bag? Part 2

Heeeeyyy!!!!! Welcome back!! Now am preparing two kinds of things launched out from my make-up bag..they are my saviours!!! Mascara and anti-frizz hair treatment cream
They are Dove Intense Care Damage Theraphy and La Tulipe Wonder Mascara in Black.


The first one is Dove Damage Theraphy! Overnight treatment..yes you need to leave it overnight..but it’s okay if you don’t want to.. after dry towelling your hair, apply product, leave for ten minutes and you can continue styling your hair using hair dryer and such 🙂 great! I love this product… I apply little by little to avoid product build-up 🙂


Next is La Tulipe Wonder Mascara in Black!!


This mascara, I think, is only produced in Indonesia. Hmm… I bought for US$6 🙂 It is waterproof and the brush is not too big, so it’s not for lengthening or volumizing. But I love the texture, it doesn’t smell like ink. So, yea, love this one. But for those who wants to volumizing, this product is not suitable for you. Hmm.. Also, if you want to have more opening eyes, apply mascara twice!! 🙂

Okay, I think that’s enough for now… Next I will review Etude Bronzer 😉 See you the next dayyy!!

Sharen Song


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