Daily Make-Up Mossy Green

Hellooooo, welcome back with me Sharen!!!! Tomorrow there will be a wedding.. A modern classy Chinese wedding.. Hmm but the theme is all white, Western wedding. Okay! And I came up with this inspiration! Mossy Green with a bit of Fuchsia…
Here is the look.


In this make-up testing, I used:
Kryolan Cake Foundation, PAC Martha Tilaar Make-Up Box, La Tulipe Wonder Mascara in Black, Oriflame Lipstick with Gloss, Etude Lip Liner in Deep Maroon, Revlon PhotoReady Compact Powder, Silky Girl Eye Liner in Black, Bobbi Brown brushes set


This is my Revlon PhotoReady and Bobbi Brown brush!


Now let’s see which colour I used


1. Eyes
First clean the eye area, apply eye primer, and apply a green eyeshadow with a damp brush as this is powder eyeshadow (tends to fall out), apply to the bananas of the eyes. Add brown toupee lipstick (yes! Lipstick. I used Oriflame lipstick here) to add shines and glitter to the eyes. Next, apply Lipliner (yes, lipliner :p) Line your upper eyes. Here I used Etude Lip Liner in Maroon Brown.


2. Add black liner. Here I used Silky Girl. Curl your lashes and add two coats of mascara.

Clean and prep the lips. Apply lip concealer. Here I used a Japanese Brand ( I dont know how to read it, sorry), then colour your lips! :))

4.Next, powder your face with this Revlon compact..ohhh I really love the results! It conceals dark spots and give a luminous effect! Dont forget to give a touch of blush!

5.Voila! Good luck!


Sharen Song
🙂 🙂 🙂


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