Feminine Cat Eyes Makeup Inspiration

songsharen makeup featuring wallcoo

This is the cat eyes inspired makeup. I hope you would love it.
Things I used here:
1.Kryolan Grease Paint in Neutral Shade
2.Art Deco Rich Treatment Foundation (as the added foundation so it doesn’t make my face cakey)
3.Silky Girl Gel Black Eyeliner
4.Etude House Eye shadow in light toupee (as a highlighter)
5.Shiseido Blush in Pink
6.Bobbi Brown and Oriflame set brushes
7.Etude House Lipstick in Frosty Pink
8.PAC Mustika Ratu White Sparkling Powder

How to apply the makeup:

1.Clean your face properly, pat your face with toner. Toner does really help in keeping the skin fresh.
2.Start applying makeup base all over your face, except the eye area. Use only eye base for eye area, as it is designed to work on the sensitive soft eye areas.
3.Start highlighting in T-zone, Triangle-zone, Eye areas using Etude House Eye Shadow. Eye shadow can also be used as a highlighter. Choose the metallic or frosty one 🙂 I also swipe the bananas of the eyes using glittery powder ^^
4.Line your upper eyes and wing it in the end.
5.Glue falsies (false eyelashes) after the eye liner dries completely.
6.Dab and swipe your cheeks with pinkies! Creating a leaf shape on each cheek 🙂
7.Swipe lips with metallic pink lipstick thinkly. You may add lip gloss if you have smaller lips. Purpose: to create plumper lips ^^
8.Finish by applying powder. Apply compact powder if you have dry or normal skin, and apply loose powder if you have oily skin ^^
9.Voila~~ Good luck! Hope you get inspired! 😀

Best hugs to all beauties,

Sharen Song

PS Thanks to wallcoo for the background, also thanks to GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) that always help me in photo editing! 😀


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