Fresh 5 Minutes Makeup with Maybelline New York

Hello, everybody! Welcome back with me, Sharen! Am now going to do a five-minutes-tutorial. This one is simple, easy and pretty great to try when it comes to Monday morning!
The look will be like this! (photo taken from:

Okay, now, let’s start. Here are the products we are gonna use! 😀 (photos taken from:
They are all from Maybelline New York (the products I was testing yesterday on backstage) They are newly-released. So, let’s try and review.

1. Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation

2. Dream Luminous Concealer

3. Illegal Length Waterproof Mascara

4. Mineral Power Loose Bronzer

5. Ultra Liner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

6. Color Sensational Pearls Lip Color

Okay! Now these are the five minutes, five steps on the go!

Minute-1: Prep your skin, dab a lil luminous concealer on dark spots carefully

Minute-2: Apply dream foundation all over your face. Wait for 2 minutes until the product absorbs well, before adding blush or powder.

Minute-3: While waiting the foundation absorbed to the skin. Apply the eyeliner in a swipe using Ultra Liner Waterproof! Easy and just tooooooo fast to swipe 🙂 and just a lil touch of lengthening mascara!

Minute-4: Okay, the foundation has absorbed perfectly in this minute! Apply bronzer instead of blush to cheek, forehead and temple of chin.

Minute-5: Add color sensational lip color in nude pink! Owch, it’s just tooooo natural! And voila! You’re done!!!!

Five minutes makeup mission accomplished! Try practising and you will see how fast you are in doing the makeup. Psssttt… You can save another 10 minutes to sip a coffee in the morning! Owh, I know, your mood gonna be great this Monday! Good luck!

Bunches of Loves,

Sharen Song


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