10 Tips to Saving Up

After a shocking global recession in America during 2008-2012 affected the entire country, mothers at home and or working mothers started couponing, creating a new occupation, a couponer, or coupon clipper. They cut and clip the coupons, that’s why a new reality show, Extreme Couponing begins to score high rating!

I am staying in Indonesia, that’s why I am a bit shocked with this new habit, we don’t have one here. I watch the reality show pretty often and found that it is a good way to save up money. We have to, don’t be ashamed on what you are doing, you should be ashamed if you can’t keep control of your money.

Let’s start right away, mothers. What can we do to save up? Here is the lists of the ten steps we can absolutely do in a flash.

  1. Clear out of debt. Debt can be overwhelming, included all the tax you should pay for every penny you could save!
  2. Forget the credit cards, carry your cash! I have heard people using credit cards instead of cash in order to be safer. Yes, that’s right, but it is not safe for your pockets. People often use credit cards for something they want, not what they need. Put your credit cards at home, only for urgent uses. Carry your cash. You are one step closer to saving up!
  3. Write what you need in a note. Better to use a note than a sleek piece of paper. Papers might be thrown away without purposes. Don’t forget to bring small pens or pencils. Tick every item you have bought and drive the trolley through it. Don’t be tempted to buy unnecessary items.
  4. Coupons, coupons, coupons. Oh, yeah! We love coupons. I love, you love, we love! Cut the coupons from magazines, newspapers, and even brochures. Now you could even get the coupons online. Read the terms and conditions before buying them. Cut and then clip them. Put them in a container or file them in a folder. Arrange and group them neatly according to each item, for example: dining coupons, food coupons, and house cleaning items coupons.
  5. Buy in a bulk, look closer and learn discounts and sale items. Some vendors will give discounts on each item in the same cycles. For example, an XXX Toothpaste may be discounted every two months for 40%, learn the discounts whether it is just a selling trick. If it is a good deal, buy them in a bulk. Going to bulk stores will also be a good option.
  6. Cook at home. The food you may want to buy can be cooked at home. Invest time to learn cooking. Cook at home for the whole family, it will cut the food bills for sure! Stay away from fast-cooking, prepared food in the supermarket. It definitely will cost high!
  7. Buy clothes (excluding undies) in the secondhand shops, re-design, and reuse! It’s like a way to save up also to help green our world. Taiwan has been the lead in this category, they try wearing and using secondhand items.
  8. Plan something you want to do. It could be sending your daughters or sons to university, buying a house for parents in two years and so on. Those goals will keep you on track to be more selective in spending money, plus, what can be sweeter than buying our parents home for them to enjoy their elderly years?
  9. Do you need to buy newly fresh newspapers and magazines? For you iPad or Android users, now you could have a free newspaper or magazine right on your computer tablet. Some are free but others are pretty a good deal, they are way cheaper. If you are in hunger of books and magazines (like me), buy in a thrift store. Some of them are just a month older!
  10. Think twice before you buy, sometimes we buy everything too compulsively. Never go to a store when you are not in a good mood. Whenever you feel bad, sometimes you are buying things that you will never use or even wear! I once bought a very weird half-gray with pink dots dress that I will never ever wear until now. Think, think, think, think before you buy. Will this items be useful? Can it be reused? Can it be recycled? How long can it be used? Was it made from a good material? And so on…

They are my list of 10 steps that I often do before I go to a store. Sure, there are some times, when we just want to buy things we really want and like. Just be moderate. Don’t force yourself too hard but keep in mind, just be moderate.  Good luck! XOXO


Sharen Song

Freelance writer


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