Creating an Email Client with Mozilla Thunderbird on Linux Ubuntu

Are you hungry of free and open source programs? If yes, we are the same. Mozilla proudly presents a free email application to receive and create email right from your computer. A clean, easy to set up and customize Thunderbird, is a very good substitution to most proprietary email clients you have ever known! Thunderbird just simply fits any operating systems (OS X, Windows, and Linux)
Here are the how-tos Thunderbird installation on your Ubuntu penguin.
(Click to enlarge the pictures)

1. When you are using Ubuntu (here I am using Ubuntu 11.10), the Thunderbird has been installed, so you don’t need to install its package. However, if you are using previous Ubuntu versions (older than 11.04) then you may need to install the package through Ubuntu Software Center or

2. Click “File – New – Get a New Email Account” on the upper left menu bar.

3. If you have already had a domain, then choose “Skip this and use my existing email”. If you haven’t had one, then configure a new email by getting it from the available domains at the “Search” box.

4. Now, fill in the name, the email address, and the password. Click “Continue”


5. Click on the “Manual Config”. Choose your incoming and outgoing servers, and also the ports. The ports have been established automatically but you can customize it. For example, my default incoming server was IMAP with port 143, and I changed it into POP3 with port 110. Click “Done”.

6. You can use your email client by now! 🙂 If you want to add or change your name, your signature, and any other account settings, simply go to “Edit – Account Settings” menu.

7. Done! Enjoy!


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