Easy & Natural Korean Makeup

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It has been a long time since I posted something on my blog as I have been working since a couple of years ago and very crazy busy maintaining another art blog (www.artraveller.weebly.com/).

Today I will post some of products that I am using for my daily makeup. I am not using makeup everyday though but this simple and quite easy Korean-style makeup is worth a try.

Products I am using:

– The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream

– Etude Aloha V Line Slim Maker (am using this as an eyeshadow substitute)

– Etude Proof 10 Brush Brow in Dark Brown

– Etude House Oh My Eyeliner #03

– Innisfree Eco Eyebrow Mascara

– Oriflame 2FX Black Mascara

– The Body Shop Born Lippy Lipbalm in Passionberry

– The Body Shop Minerals Translucent Face Powder

How To Apply:

1. Wash your face well and pat dry.

2. Use normal toner or homemade organic toner to wipe excess oil.

3. Take a small coin size BB cream and warm it on your hand.

4. Dab it all over your face and take an oil paper to absorb oil and maintain its matte effect (if you have oily face like me).

5. Line your eyebrow using the brush brow and fill in the brow using the darker color of the V Line Slim Maker Bronzer. Finish off by coating your brows with brow mascara.

6. Highlight the lower curve of the eye using the lighter color of the V Line Slim Maker Bronzer.

7. Add darker color to the banana of your eyes, blending it out well.

8. Line your upper eyeline with brown eye and create a straight and sharp edge. Draw line under your lower eye line and stop at the half of the eye line.

9. Add the highlighter at the corner of your eyes until the half of the eye line. It will make your eyes look bigger.

10. Finish it off by curling your eyelashes and top them with black mascara.

11. Chappy lips? Dab the passionberry lip balm! Yummy!

12. Finish the look by applying translucent face powder using a powder brush.

13. Voila~ you are set to go. Loosen up your hair, because you are going simple, bubbly and casual!


Sharen Song


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