The Avoine Cookies

Been working on the milk stuff since a couple of months ago, I was introduced by a friend to collaborate in co-creating cookies company. My love for oatmeal was found when I suffered from allergic eczema two years ago. I changed the whole diet into vegan one. Cutting the consumption of cow’s milk and altering it to oat milk. Cleansing becomes habitually different now. Forget about soaps, my skin was too irritated to use normal soap bars. I cleanse with grounded oatmeal and tomato juices as part of daily cleansing. Every two days, I tone with ACV (apple cider vinegar) solution to ease the itches. Now, I love oatmeal so bad that my friend’s suggestion to co-create oat milk and oatmeal cookies provider was nothing but joy and excitement!


They are sooooo yummy and crisp! And they come with various flava!

  • Double Choco Chip
  • Matcha Green Tea Choco Chip
  • Oreo Crush
  • Sweet and Cheese
  • Coffee Shot
  • M&M Chocs!

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Hell yea! We are now ready to cater to your every need. Want to mix them?

No Problemo. Drop us your mixed oatmeal cookies wishlist to us here:


WA: 089-8483-1230

SMS/Viber: 089-9690-1945

Line ID: @avoinemilk

Instagram ID: @avoinemilk

Pickup Points: (Jakarta and Bandung) Launching soon!

PS Now we are still collaborating with The Avoine Milk, 100% the real organic oat milk and smoothies! Do not hesitate to talk to us 🙂

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