5 Great Free Apps to Learn German: Ich Liebe Deutsch Zu Lernen

I had no intention to learn German at first. I just thought it would be great if I could learn either French, German or Dutch. Well, I bet my choice is right. By learning German, you will have more options to choose when developing your career or business.

These are 5 great apps that I found really amazing to help me study German. Note that further reading, listening and writing exercises may be needed to master this language.

Excuse the screenshots, I used German as my phone language and so, you could see all the language is in German. Don’t worry if your phone is in English, the instructions and buttons are also in English ūüôā


The first app I downloaded! Duolingo comes super handy with broad choices of languages you can learn (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, Ukrainian and even Esperanto)! Here you can learn to listen, put the words in correct order, harness your vocabulary and speak!

duolingo small


This app is an official app from The Goethe Institut the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute, active worldwide. I love this app because they have the cards with sentence example(s) in each card. Here you can practice remembering new words, listening and speaking.

goethe small


I love this app because it looks super easy for me to use. Plus, it has a lesson structure according to each level starting from Beginner to Advanced, from selected word list to GCSE practices. I would recommend this app for those who will be taking the test.

memrise small

4. FluentU

I love this app because it looks like I am listening to a podcast. You could even choose your level from Newbie to Native! Seems interesting, doesn’t it? Whenever I am on the road taking a bus, I love to sit with my headphone plugged in my ears and enjoy it speaking in German.

fluent u small

5. German Dictionary & Translator

Last but not least, German-English dictionary. I love this dictionary particularly because they also include the conjugation forms (ich, du er/sie/es, wir, ihr, Sie) in Present, Future, Past and Perfect Tenses. The creator also has the premium version but I am still fine now with the free version.

worterbuch small

To remember: I found these apps are helpful but others may find them¬†differently. I guess it is always good to also stick to your preferences whether you love watching Learning German video, listening to German podcasts/songs or even reading German children’s books.

Enjoy learning German! Ich liebe Deutsch zu lernen! ‚̧



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