Phrases You Need To Know Before Landing in Indonesia

So, now you are thinking of visiting Indonesia. What do you think in the first place when you hear the word ‘Indonesia’? Bali? Yep! Beautiful beaches? Yep. Kind and friendly people? Yep, and zillion exciting things await you here in Indonesia.

Indonesia is an archipelago comprising about 17,000 islands, with an estimated total population of 252 million people. Most Indonesian can speak Bahasa Indonesia even though they speak their own vernacular according to their regions. If you land in Jakarta, Bali and other international airports, it will be easier to find people who can speak English. However, expect the worst. You do not meet people who can speak English.

Here are some useful Bahasa Indonesia phrases you need to know that will ease your trip in Indonesia!



Hello, how do you do? (Halo, apa kabar?)

Glad to meet you! (Senang bertemu denganmu!)

Excuse me, may I ask…? (Permisi, bisakah saya bertanya…?)

How are you? (Apa kabar?)

Thank you! (Terima kasih)

Yes / No (Iya / Tidak)

Asking Direction

Could you help me? (Apakah Anda bisa tolong saya?)

How do I get there? (Bagaimana cara ke sana?/Naik apa ke sana?)

If you land in Jakarta, the best way to get to town is to take a taxi (Bluebird Taxi). There are a lot of taxi types, however it is recommended for you to take Bluebird taxi to prevent yourself being ripped off. You can ask:

Where is the Bluebird taxi station? (Di mana saya bisa naik taksi Bluebird?)

Excuse me, do you know where [enter a place’s name] is? (Permisi, apa Anda tahu di mana [enter a place’s name]?)

Turn right/left. (Belok kanan/kiri)

Go up / go down. (Naik ke atas/Turun ke bawah)

In front / behind (Di depan/ di belakang)

Opposite (Di seberang)

Buying Things

What is this? (Ini apa?)

What is that? (Itu apa?)

How much is it / are they? (Harganya berapa?)

Can we bargain? (Bisa nawar ga? / Bisa lebih murah ga?)

These are the most common and important phrases you may need to know in case nobody surrounds you can understand English.

To note: Mind your belongings and always be careful. Indonesia is indeed a beautiful country with the friendliest and warmest people I have even known, but always remember that on certain places you can meet unpleasant people who try to rip you off. Dress properly and act accordingly.

Enjoy Indonesia! ❤



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