Taipei Eats 101! What to Eat in Taiwan

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Welcome to Taipei, Taiwan! I was here in July 2015 for a summer international cultural event held by the International Seers Organization and National Taiwan University. The great news was I was here and ate, ate, ate. Taiwan is simply a food heaven! Something that I always look forward to every time I travel across other countries.

So, here I am trying to squeeze all my favourite Taiwanese delicacy in one blog! Ready? Nyammmm….

  1. Mango Shaved Ice (芒果雪花冰)

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This is the most refreshing dessert I have found in the hot summer weather in Taipei. Our fellow delegates from other countries outside Taiwan must have agreed with me on this! Generous amount of fresh sweet mango on top of the fluffy milk snow ice. Each spoonful of which kicks away the thirst and heat!

2. Taiwanese Bubble Tea (珍珠奶茶)

2 small bubble tea

Never leave Taiwan without trying at least once! I was in Taipei for 9 days, and every day I drank Bubble Teas! Bubble tea originally comes from Taiwan, and trying this wonderlust drinks will definitely make your day. Relatively cheap compared to buying it in my own country, Taiwanese Bubble Tea comes with perfect combination of flavour and boba bubble. Not too sweet. Not too icy. Not too watery. Just super perfect enough! Cold, refreshing, perfect taste, perfect weather. Well, too perfect! There are tons of bubble tea stalls across the country, but trust me, all are just equally perfect. Haha.

3. Taiwanese Longevity Noodle (長壽麵)


A mouth-watering combination of wine, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce topped with braised pork and onion definitely brings joy and happiness to live a lot longer, of course. Delicious and chewy noodle eaten in the late afternoon before we took a stroll on Shihlin Night Market made me realize that “love food, live life” motto really applies to real life!

4. XXL Crispy Fried Chicken (大鸡排)


This extremely huge, deep-fried flattened chicken breast and sprinkled with salt and spicy powder is super popular in Shihlin Market. Seeing a lot of people sitting on the benches around definitely means that this XXL Crispy Fried Chicken is worth to try!

5. Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐)


We call this stinky tofu, because it obviously stinks. Also known as Cho Dobo in Japanese, you will finally find that this fried tofu is actually fine to be eaten though, especially after being topped and sprinkled with delicious sauces!

6. Coffin Toast Bread (棺材板)

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Named as a coffin bread because of its resemblance to a coffin. Filled with delicious chowder, it is served hot in a bread bowl. Beef, chicken, mushroom and seafood are among favourite chowder people usually order. Rich in flavour, well, for me it’s too good!

7. Whatever is DELICIOUS!

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Too many delicious things to eat in Taiwan that all won’t fit in this blog. Whatever you try in Taiwan, especially in its night markets are wonderfully delicious. So, have you decided what to eat? I, myself, cannot decide because I want to try all! Nyammmmm~~~



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