What to Eat in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia? Eat Like a Local!

Growing up in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, I was brought up to always enjoy the feast of great food and rich in flavour. To be honest, Bandung is one of the best cities for food tourism. Not to forget the friendly people surrounding you and serving delicious food with the warmest smile ever!


  1. NASI GORENG (Fried Rice)


Geef mij maar Nasi Goreng met een gebakken e… Wat sambal en wat kroepoek en een goed glas bier erbij!

A popular Dutch song which means “Give Me Nasi Goreng”.by Ibu Wieteke van Dort, definitely gives this Fried Rice a 5-star recommendation for you to try! This old song I sang when I was still a little kid reminds me of how even the Netherlanders love eating this native traditional food of Indonesia. It is spiced with sweet soy sauce, shallot and chili. Particularly accompanied by other ingredients such as anchovies, egg, chicken or prawns make this dish absolutely mouth-watering.

2. MIE BAKSO (Noodle with Meat Ball)


The best Mie Bakso or Noodle with Meat Ball is in Bandung. I have been travelling to a lot of places in Indonesia, living in Jakarta and some other places. However, none of these cities can beat the damn-so-delicious Mie Bakso in Bandung (may be I was brought up with this kind of flavour though :p). Every Gerobak Mie Bakso (Noodle stall) you eat at in Bandung, I am confident enough to say “You will never regret anything.” It seems the cooks are naturally gifted! Influenced by the Chinese, Mie (also pronounced as Mee) means noodle and Bakso means meat ball(s). Flavoured and tossed with oil, sweet soy sauce and sometimes chili paste, Mie is ready to be served after being extra-sprinkled with chopped celery and fried shallots! Yumm!

3.SOTO AYAM (Chicken Soto)


Rich in flavour, Soto Ayam is a chicken clear soup seasoned with turmeric, salt, sweet soy sauce and a little bit of lemon juice that bring the yellowish colour and rich aromatic smell. Usually, it is served with Chinese vermicelli, bean sprouts, cabbage, eggs and of course.. overflowing juicy and tender salted chicken meat. For those who are native to Kerupuk (Keroepoek) or crackers, this dish gives your tummy a happy smile.

4. Roti Bakar Gula Merah (Toasts served with Brown Sugar)

FullSizeRender (1)

Woohoo! It has been all about the main dishes! What about the appetizer or something you usually eat in the morning? Does the blogger forget to put it on? Best food is yet to come.. to the table. Roti Bakar literally means Burnt Bread in English! Roti Bakar or toasts are sprinkled with Gula Merah (brown sugar) on top after toasted with a spread of salted margarine (yes, in Indonesia, we usually use margarine instead of butter).

5. ES KELAPA (Coconut Ice Cream)

es kelapa

Here I ate coconut ice cream with a coconut bowl, literally speaking… In tropical countries, coconut can be found almost anywhere, almost anytime… abundantly. Made into a creamy ice cream with a rich coconut flavour mixed with cocoa, vanilla and strawberry, this dessert gives a cooling sensation in a super-duper hot summer weather. Topped with tropical fruits, churros, and sprinkled with roasted peanuts, well…. a kinda lust you should not resist.


Bandung is a city with rich acculturation, assimilation and integration. Something we should treasure more. What I have written here may be subjective to what I think you should eat in Bandung, but I would say everything you eat here is mostly magical, tasty, delicious, rich in flavour with abundant toppings and friendly people surrounding you. A truly food heaven every food lover should ever experience. Welcome to Bandung! Wilujeng Sumping!

XOXO, Sharen

All photos featured in this blog were taken exclusively by the writer. Some pictures were paid stock photos and have protected copyright.


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