Nusa Penida, a Hidden Treasure in Paradise

It is the sandy beach, the relaxing sound of waves, a cool breeze and birds chirping in a relaxing morning that calls me back to Bali. This time my feet itched to go to an island worth a 90-minute journey by boat, Nusa Penida, which means ‘lime’ or ‘limestone’ according to Van der Tuuk (in Dutch: ongebluste kalk) and dirty limestone or chalk translated from Old Javanese word ‘Panida’ according to Ida Bagus Sidemen and other writers. Interesting enough, this island provides a great infrastructure development. Ferry from Padang Bai port, Karangasem, Bali is only 30,000 IDR (excluding fee for motorbike of 30,000 IDR and scammer fee adding up to 100,000 IDR per pax).

Drawn by the beauty, we explored some of the truly unique spots in this magnificent island.

  1. CRYSTAL BEACH. Shortly after arriving at Nusa Penida port, we drove our motorbike to the closest beach from the hostel. When we arrived, it was almost raining, basically spotted only a few tourists. Parking fee for an unlimited time is only 2,000 IDR. Funny to see all the tiny Mr.Krab creating holes here and there. Sitting by the beach and reading favourite books? Heaven.IMG_4354 small
  2. PENIDA COLADA. Actually it is a restaurant owned by an Indonesian and his wife, an Australian. Around 30-minutes by motorbike from the port. Healthy and fresh juices are available everyday and Australian cuisine for such a big breakkie. Opening hour starts from 8 in the morning with direct view to white sandy beach. Awesome! IMG_4362 smallIMG_4363 small
  3. PASIH UUG. Or BROKEN BEACH. An hour or a half (if you pull over sometimes to check on the map). Going there in the morning at around 8 AM after a heavy downpour the night before was definitely not a good idea. Soil became soft and it was hard to maintain riding the motorbike stable enough. Clear and deep crystal blue water pleased the eyes of the beholder. IMG_4370 smallIMG_4375 small
  4. GOA GIRI PUTRI. A Hindu temple in a cave to treasure. You will be shocked at how this cave is greatly maintained by the local. It is advisable to put on sarong / wear modest cloth before going in. You may want to rent a sarong for 10,000 IDR each, but it would be better if you bring your own. It was quite a famous temple and when we were there, some people were chanting and lifting up prayers. To respect the sacred temple, I decided not to take pictures inside the cave.
  5. ATUH BEACH. This is the hardest trek I have ever tried. The road to get there has not yet been ready, and if you are going there at noon. I would say it is damn hot. We did not make it to the beach so we went up to the hill and the view were indeed amazing.IMG_4364 small



  1. Always plan your itinerary well, when we were about to get back to Bali (my flight to go back home was a day after), the ferry did not operate that day and we were tucking our motorbikes in a small boat called ‘Jukung’ in Bali. It was a crazy experience to remember but still, it is better to know the ferry schedule or other information.
  2. Fill up the tank. There are two petrol stations and some house owners actually sell petrol. We ran out of petrol on the last day since the two stations were closed. Unfortunate things may happen anytime, so be prepared.
  3. Sometimes plans fail, so try to be a lot more resilient on changes and embrace the beauty of backpacking.


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