Gili ‘T’ Trawangan, an Indelible Beauty in the Hustle Bustle

IMG_4239 small

The view from Lombok to Gili Trawangan


The first thing you could think of Gili T is, it is great for escape, until you see the hustle bustle in a beautiful tiny island surrounded by white sand and coral beaches. With a population no more than 800 people, 200+ hotels and hostels and 2-hour worth for cycling to see its beauty, Gili T offers passionate divers and snorkeling junkies a charming underwater experience. Party animals, reggae lovers and frequent clubbers will surely find this island a refreshment to their inner soul.


Cannot agree more, it is the number one recommended thing to do in Gili T. The white sand, the indelible beauty of underwater corals and the relaxing warm water never bore the scuba junkies. Once you land here, you will find a vast range of snorkel gear rentals and scuba diving schools. Rent a private boat or chip in with other divers if you are going by yourself.

IMG_4273 small

View from a cafe by the beach. I definitely hung and dried my clothes here.


Done with the snorkeling or diving? Take some times to dry your clothes while enjoying du soleil overlooking the azure blue sea. I would say, tanning is a serious job here and a pair of lunettes de soleil and sun lotion are indeed a prerequisite!


In just an hour and a half, you are offered a 360-degree awesome sea view. One problem during the peak season, it will be tough to cycle. With tiny and often sandy roads, you are going to compete with hundreds of pedestrians. Nevertheless, it is a 5-star thing recommended to do here. Verdict: Choose a smaller, less crowded street. Google Map or will definitely help you.

IMG_4242 small


I spent hours and hours every day just to wait for the sunsets. With beer in one hand, camera on the other hand and a pair of sunglasses hanging perfectly on my average Asian nose, my evenings have never been a waste here. People are busy reading books, taking pictures, instagram-ing, smoking, enjoying the sunset, tossing bottles of beer and just chilling and relaxing. Lovely!

IMG_4250 small


Always crowded and lively. I would sense this is not even Indonesia, I hardly found any, except the warm and friendly business owners and sellers. Indonesian traditional food, fried fresh fish and crabs, juice stalls, Bakso (meatball) waroongs and Cidomo (horse-drawn carriage) guys trying to negotiate with soon-to-be passengers, are everywhere.

IMG_4262 small

I personally thanked all the people who were captured by my camera. It was always pleasing seeing the happy smiles on their faces.



Well, for those who are movie freaks, I would recommend you to once try out the sandy cinema with soothing splashing waves and breeze as the background sound effects. They have got two movies every night. Another option for, of course, PARTYING!


I would say everyday here is simply heaven. However, I would highly (and definitely) recommend you to spend the night chilling out in a calm or private hotel. We chose a far and out-of-sight hotel to bring all fun in the sun to a rest. Remember to give yourself a break from all the hustle bustle and enjoy the tranquility on a starry night.

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