How to Pack Light for Woman Traveling in Southeast Asia for up to 3 Months.

sunny-vineyard-in-summer-viktor hanacek
Sunny Vineyard in Summer by Victor Hanacek. Credit to the photographer and Picjumbo.

Basically we, women, love to pack the whole closet even though we are just going to embark on a 3-day journey to the center of the Earth wherever. This blog post was written after some friends were flooding my Whatsapp inbox with a question, “How the h*ll on Earth can you travel only with a tiny school rucksack?”

I need to clarify, it is not tiny. It is quite small but not all the way tiny. I packed about 3.5 kg (7 lbs) the last time traveling through Indonesia from Java all they way through East Nusa Tenggara.

IMG_0109 small
There you go, my 8 year old rucksack.

If you are traveling in a hot summery weather, you shouldn’t worry much about packing pounds of heavy coats. Here I will let you sneak peek at what’s inside my rucksack. Basically, whether you are traveling for 2 weeks, one month or three months, the rule is the same.

Remember to always pack thin, easy-to-wash, mix-and-match and easy-to-dry clothes.

IMG_0099 small

1. 3 tops (tank top, T-shirt or shirt)

2. 2 shorts, 1 inside-shorts skirt (in case there is a girly occasion), 1 pair of trousers (some places are not safe for us girls to wear shorts.

3. 1 small towel (I survived with only a 25 x 25 cm towel, and it dries superrrr fast!)

4. 2-3 pairs of underwear and 1 bikini

5. 1 plastic raincoat or umbrella

6. 1 thin cardigan or outerwear

7. 1 make up kit plus sunglasses (do not bring too many makeup tools or products, bring only the essentials. I personally don’t wear makeup, but makeup may be needed on certain occasions, parties or night out.)

8. Toiletries & sun lotion (bring small-size products instead, you can always buy these anywhere), razors and a nail clipper

IMG_0107 small


9. Wet tissues, toilet spray and hand sanitizer, medications (put in the most accessible part of the bag, all liquid must be less than 50-100 ml if you plan on taking a plane)

10. 2 pairs of socks (rolled together and put inside your bra, saving luggage space) and a pair of black shoes (suitable for mostly all occasions, outfits and need less cleaning)

11. Sarong! (can be worn when you sleep in a f*cking cold bus or train, in a cheap hostel providing you no blanket, or when you go inside the temple!)

12. Lots of plastic bags (put in the side pocket)

13. Kindle or one or two of your favourite books.

14. Unless you are working during your long trip on a laptop, better put it home. Or if your need to write some stuff, work on your iPad / mini iPad with portable keyboard. Well, some places are quite dangerous for us to bring too many electronic devices. Better safe than sorry.

15. All-in-1 multiple travel charger plug (honestly, there are 15 plug and socket types worldwide, duh!)

Now, what to do?

Roll, roll, roll well, save the space and you are off to go. Wash and clean as you go. Surely, it is the most annoying part of traveling. Typically, I wash all the clothes in the morning everyday before I visit places during the day and come back home with clean and dry clothes! Perfect! Now? Chill!

young-girl-reading-a-worlds-best-seller-book-viktor hanacek
Young girl reading a world’s best seller book. Credit to Viktor Hanacek and Picjumbo.

Last but not least from me,

Tip #1: Hang your clothes in the morning below shades as rain may come unexpectedly.

Tip #2: If your clothes are still not dry yet, lay or hang it right under the Air Conditioner. They usually dry overnight.

Tip #3: If you could find a hair dryer in your hostel, quick-dry your sort-of damp clothes.


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